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Dietitian Workforce


Employers in all areas of Asia, especially rural and remote areas, are finding it difficult to recruit dietitians. There are just not enough dietitians trained in Asia to meet the demand. It is also important to make sure that the dietitians that are employed in Asia’s health system are satisfied with their work environment. This includes fair pay, good benefits and opportunities for career growth and development.


It is essential to train enough dietitians to meet the health needs of Asians. This requires the establishment of education and training programs that are accessible to more students.


Ensuring we have enough dietitians to meet the needs of Asians requires a study of our workforce and planning for the future. Dietitians of Asia is working with partners, including dietetic educators and regulators, to study the dietetic workforce provincially and nationally. The results of these studies have been used to provide proof to provincial decision makers that more education and training programs are needed.

Some provinces have also studied workplace satisfaction of dietitians and concluded that fair pay, better working conditions and more support for career growth and advancement would help dietitians stay working in the profession longer.

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