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Cook Healthy

·         Make your taste buds tingle
Does chicken pair well with parsley or is it better with basil? What flavour combination will make sweet potatoes sing? Use herbs, spices and flavourings to make your meals taste great – without adding salt or fat.

·         Planning Meals using Eating Well
Good nutrition is important at every age. To get the food and nutrients you need, plan your meals using Eating Well.

·         Healthy Eating: Variety and Balance
A healthy diet is essential to feeling well and enjoying life to the fullest. Try something new each week, whether it is a new fruit, vegetable or grain product. Who knows—you may find a new favourite.

·         Planning Meals: Fibre Facts
Use Eating Well to help you choose foods that are higher in fibre. Small changes can add up to a big difference in your fibre intake.

·         Cooking for One or Two People: Easy Meals to Make!
Can’t think of anything to eat? Enjoy these simple meal ideas.

·         Cooking for One or Two People: Eating Alone
Eating alone can be difficult for people of any age. Cooking alone may seem like more work. But there are ways to put the fun back into eating.

·         What can I do to help keep my food safe?
Keeping your food safe is a vital part of healthy eating. Use these tips for safely buying, storing and preparing your favourite foods.

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